Comethazine - 50 BARS

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  • Размер: 3.81 мб
  • Длительность: 1:38
  • Качество: 320 кбит/с
  • Дата: 16-08-2019
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[Gunplay : Verse]
Been about mine, got fiends on cloud nine
Livin’ legend, droppin’ bout time
I’m a baller, still sniffin’ foul lines
Impala, four 12s outpined
Skinny Papa get packed, chalk outlined
Done playa prayer, but I don’t pray
Only broke niggas say crime don’t pay
Off the handle I be flyin’ off
Rap artist with his iron drawed (?)
I’m the thorn in the lion paw
Roll dice, hot hand with the fire arms
Swervin’ till the tire ?
Left Sioux, pullin’ up the Riviera
Wet juice, lookin’ like a millionaire-a
Get a panoramic view of the Panamera
Get up, close nigga, bring the camera-nera
Cat piss smoker, dog food dumper
Half a mil off four ties and two bumpers
Camo, Rambo, Lambo, four mufflers
Body after body ’til the damn folks cuff us
Can’t make truces, can’t cop deuces
War ready already, y’all ass useless
AK slayed, take no break
Left crime scene clean, ain’t no tape
Neva save a bitch, ain’t no cake
Shoebox money ain’t no safe
Salute BX bloods, cash fill crips
Even in the rain my cash still crisp
Flyin’ through Queens, left Rock City
Always was a looker, ducky blood clot kidney
I don’t talk what I don’t walk
I don’t speak what I don’t be
Don’t swang less than an OZ
In the trap sweatin’ like six cluckers
Y’all niggas sweet swimmin’ in smuckers
Fuck you mean, fuck what the fuck you seen
I fought 9 niggas, dolo for my team
Still couldn’t harm me, one armed robbery
Tryna throw the book at a crook, no library
One nigga, 48 state crime spree
Life sentence beater, Ben’s two seater
Burnin’ up on beef with new heaters
MG rider, oak will gripper
Coke, cok, water, microwave whipper
Probation violator, pussy annihilator
Leave ya two options, die now or later
Too mean for lame stream
Two keys on the same beam
I can count money, nigga, so fuck if I can’t read
We ain’t nun’ like the same breed
Get sloaked like 50 guards with these 50 bars
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